Sara Azarius Eichmiller

About Sara

Sara Azarius Eichmiller is Western Pennsylvania’s most experienced teacher of Iyengar Yoga. She has been teaching yoga full-time for over 20 years and has developed Pittsburgh’s only Iyengar Yoga studio to cultivate a community of teachers and students dedicated to the Iyengar method.

Sara’s credits include three years as President of the Yoga Training Association of Pittsburgh, Yoga Coordinator at the River’s Club fitness facility, Director and Founder of Shadyside Yoga and Director and Owner of Yoga On Centre. She has instructed over forty of Pittsburgh’s yoga teachers in her teacher education programs and ongoing mentorship program.

Sara’s teaching is a direct approach to yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy and meditation. She practices yoga to dig deeper into the unexplored, to cultivate present moment presence and to remember the true nature of Self and Universal Consciousness. She considers herself blessed to be of service through yoga and to be able to help herself and others with this transformative art.

Sara graduated in 1990 from Penn State University with a degree in print journalism. She worked for five years in Pennsylvania as a newspaper photographer before living in North Carolina and Texas and beginning her training in yoga.


“My wife studied Iyengar in two other cities (Atlanta and Berkeley) before this one. My wife’s words: Sara is outstanding. She knows so much about the body, is skilled at therapeutic yoga, and are has no trouble dealing with a variety of issues while simultaneously managing a class full of students when necessary. IYIP and Sara have helped me through some major health issues in addition to teaching me much about strength, movement, breathing, and more.” -Anind D.

“I am a physician who specializes in musculoskeletal, sports, and spine injuries, and have seen patients sustain injuries while practicing “yoga.” Most of the yoga studios teach more Americanized yoga, while at IYIP, the emphasis is on Iyengar Yoga. I have been taking private lessons with Sara Azarius (founder and owner) and she is amazing. She is one of the few Iyengar Yoga instructors who practice therapeutic yoga. She is also the most experienced Iyengar yoga instructor in Pittsburgh and has trained the other Iyengar instructors. The studio offers group classes, private sessions, and therapeutic group classes (for those with medical or musculoskeletal injuries). She has been invaluable to me and to my patients. I find Iyengar yoga to be extremely beneficial to those with musculoskeletal injuries. I will continue to study with Sara so that I can optimize the health of myself and my patients.” -Samantha K.