Christina Sible

About Christina

Christina Sible has been studying Iyengar method yoga since 2000, and teaching since 2002. She is a Certified Intermediate Junior 2 Iyengar teacher.  Christina is now among a small, highly trained teachers in the United States who have passed the 5 tests required to teach at this level. Her primary teachers include Sara Azarius, Lois Steinberg, Dean Learner, and Manouso Manos. She has also studied with Geeta Iyengar, Abhijata Iyengar (grandaughter of B.K.S.), and a number of senior Iyengar teachers at the 2001, 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2016 Iyengar National Conventions.


“Christina is thorough and knowledgeable and very attentive to the needs of individuals while maintaining a cohesive class. I look forward to each class knowing that I will always be challenged and encouraged to strive for something new.: -Alejandra Placci

“Christina is an excellent teacher and practitioner whose pleasant demeanor handles special needs of individuals with ease, minimizes distractions, and always offers well planned classes.” -Ann Molloy

“Christina’s teaching style is methodical and warm hearted. She rocks!” – Sara Azarius