Private Sessions

One-on-one private sessions help you to:

Integrate your yoga study into a personalized home practice.

Speed recovery from injury or illness. Some conditions require special modifications of postures or regular practice of specially designed practice sequences. Private sessions can be used to assess placement in a therapeutics class or may be used on an ongoing basis depending on the student’s needs and desires.

Progress toward your goals. Some students supplement their group classes with weekly, monthly or quarterly private sessions to accelerate their progress or explore concerns that need more attention than a group setting permits. Your private session teacher will assess your current needs and goals and help you to focus your home practice toward the most efficient process.

Tailor your practice to your schedule. Some students attend private instruction due to variable work schedules that do not allow regular attendance in a weekly group class.

What to Expect

Sessions are held at IYIP in the private room or in the main studio when not in use.

The first session is an Initial Diagnostic Session to discover the student’s health history, current condition and specific goals. After a brief interview the teacher will perform a range-of-motion diagnostic and postural analysis then design a series of postures specific to the students needs and begin instruction in the series of postures.

The teacher and student together decide on a course of action based on the findings of the initial session. The student may start in a structured group class or do a series of initial private sessions to complete learning of the sequence prescribed. Often initial instruction combines group and private sessions with the dual goal of integrating students into group classes and developing the student’s home practice.

Please arrive ten to 15 minutes early to your first session. The first session is from one-hour to one-and-a-half hours in duration. There is no additional cost if the initial diagnostic session runs longer than one-hour. All subsequent sessions are one-hour in duration.