Class Descriptions & Fees


These “level classes” each progress according to a syllabus which all of our teachers follow. It is suggested that you attend the full quarter in sequence to benefit fully. (Classes within the same week may be interchanged.) All students should begin with Level 1 unless they have previous Iyengar yoga experience. Each new level introduces a new group of postures and is not necessarily more difficult, but rather, is more detailed, or more subtle, and builds upon the previous level’s work.

Level 1
Introduction for students new to yoga or new to the Iyengar method. Teaches standing postures, standing forward bends, twists and shoulder balance. Students may repeat this course up to 9 months then proceed to level 2. Level 1 classes are challenging and should not be considered “easier” than level 2.

Level 1-2
This class is a mixed-level class for continuing Level 1 students. NO BEGINNERS. (It is not necessary to attend level 1-2 classes before moving to level 2.)

Level 2
Prerequisite 6-9 months level 1 or the equivalent Iyengar method experience. This class introduces more complex standing postures, headstand, backbends and inversions.

Level 2-3
Students at this level must be practicing Sirsasana and Sarvangasana at home, and attempting to push up into Urdhva Dhanurasana.  Students at this level should also have a basic understanding of how to self-correct and modify for any minor injuries they have.  Permission from Christina is required to attend.  No beginners, please.


All specialty classes below are appropriate for beginners and may be used primarily, supplementally or as preparation for the more challenging “level” classes.

Rope Wall
Christina will introduce simple then more challenging work on the rope wall. The style will be similar to supported asana classes, and class will include work away from the wall.

Supported Asana
Use props including blocks, chairs, blankets, belts (and your home furniture!) to support your unique body and to gain maximum benefits from the poses. Props allow deeper and longer holds of poses to correct misalignments, to build strength and to develop the breath. Excellent for beginners, those fearful of starting yoga and those with stiffness in the body.

Yoga for 50+
This class is appropriate for beginning and continuing students who may need additional time and support to move into and out of postures. It is geared to those with less flexibility.

Yoga Therapy – This class is suspended due covid restrictions.
This class is for beginners or continuing students recovering from injury or illness. Each student practices an individualized sequence designed according to the student’s specific needs. Text Sara at (412) 401-2162 to discuss participation before coming to class.


Online open practiceDue to Sara’s health she has temporarily suspended the daily practice. She hopes to begin again soon.