Nadzeya Krol

About Nadya

Nadya Krol is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. She has over 11 years experience in yoga. She has an MA in Art History and started her yoga studies while working as an art history teacher. As such, she understands many learning challenges her yoga students may experience.

Nadya joined Sara Azarius’ studio when she retired and moved to the US from Russia. She soon found that this studio is probably the only one where yoga is considered to be serious learning process. Thanks to Sara and Christina Sible, Nadya has recently passed her Introductory 1 and Introductory 2 exams. She is happy to teach at this studio and enjoys the circle of like-minded friends here. Yoga gives her tranquility and peace.

Nadya lives in Washington, PA with her husband and her elderly mom. She keeps close ties with her adult son in St. Petersburg, Russia, and with her extended family scattered around the globe.